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Here during this website, you may notice the real results of Shillong Teer, Guwahati/Juwai/Khanapara Teer and far additional. the website gets updated on a very day to present you the proper teer results. Also, you may get ShillongTeer common numbers to update here daily morning time of Bharat. If you're unaccustomed this Teer game, then on our website you may additionally get a full orient Teer dream variety, formula and far additional. So, keep visiting our website daily and bookmarker our website on your smartphone or laptop browser if you like to play Shillong Teer counter game.

Teer Common Number

If you don’t recognize that Teer game is being completed by totally different clubs at Shillong, there are regarding eight clubs in total United Nations agency makes this game happen. currently, there are total a pair of rounds in an exceedingly day the primary and therefore the last half. the primary half takes place from 4:00 pm and therefore the second a part of the sport starts from 5:00 PM. the sport takes place on Associate in Nursing open golf ground in Shillong.


There are regarding fifty archers in total (they are paid around Rs.300 for a day) and that they hearth arrows from three hundred-1000 in an exceeding target and every one of the Archers are skilled even if they're from the village. As presently because the archers end shooting arrows to the target the officers of the Teer counter game flow into the target with some reasonably entice so no alternative arrows hit and begin reckoning the arrows that have hit the Teer target get Shillong teer common number.

Teer Common Numbers:

As you recognize that you just will predict teer game variety before the sport is being competed and might win it simply. So, Teer common variety is additionally the quantity that you just predict before the really teer game is being competed within the game. If your common variety happens to be the teer results once the sport then you win the sport. The teer common number variety is calculated with some tough calculation that you just might need already come back through on our website.